Scuderia Villa Passerini - villa per ricevimenti a Cortona

The Scuderia and its gardens

The ideal venue for aperitifs and after dinner drinks

The Scuderia of Villa Passerini, accessible via a path lined with lemon-trees in large pots and lavender bushes, is a long rectangular building of stone, delicately painted internally, with typical red-tiled floors and ceilings with exposed beams. On the right side of the hall, hidden behind two walls that are painted with landscapes, there are 2 large bathrooms. A hi-fi system with appropriate acoustics is available to animate the evening of the reception and entertain the guests with no time limit. In the very spacious and bright lounge area , there are comfortable rattan sofas where guests can relax and entertain.

The Scuderia by night


The Scuderia at Villa Passerini


A covered porch divides the Scuderia from the garden where cocktails and appetizers, coffee and drinks are served. In case of bad weather it can be closed whithout interfering with the course of the celebration.
A second garden of the same size is just across the driveway. With the help of the caterers' professional personnel, and according to your needs, you can adapt the Scuderia and its gardens to your own personal taste, enhancing the atmosphere of your reception and creating the event you've dreamed of.